Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Dressed Down

Sparkling clothes don't have to be reserved for special occasions.

I'm the kind of shopper that hates buying things that you can only wear for one occasion. I want to be able to wear my clothes day, night, brunch, dinner, summer, winter, really whenever the mood takes me. I generally avoid having clothes that are reserved for 'going out' and like to be able to wear them during the day too. But this sparkly little skirt caused a little dilemma!

This was a gem I found in Mango last Christmas. I'd wandered up and down and up and down Buchanan Street searching for the perfect outfit for a work Christmas do and then I realised that I'd forgotten about Mango! I'm really bad for doing this. Whenever I go into Mango I always come out with something I absolutely adore and wear loads, but it's always the last I think of for some reason.

Any way I digress, so I bought this skirt for a Christmas party and yes, we're feeling proper Christmas, tinsel sparkle. But this went against my any season, any occasion shopping rule and I couldn't let this happen. I decided to crack out the skirt again for a catch-up lunch with my sister.

With a sparkling 'fancy' skirt the easiest thing to do is wear a top that you wear constantly and is just easy. So in my case a breton top. This is something I wear almost every week and it goes with every single thing in my wardrobe. Because I wear it so much I feel like I'm not all dressed-up when I pair it with a spangly skirt.

A breton top goes with absolutely anything and everything and I love how easy it makes this skirt to wear in the daytime.

Do you ever get something new and then wonder how you survived without it? For me it's this 'shacket'. I'd been on the hunt for the perfect one for a while and I couldn't have found a better one than this Dorothy Perkins version. I wear it so, so much and it's just so easy to throw on. It's just perfect for any easy daytime jacket. Perfectly casual, but still fashionable, the finishing touch that this outfit needed.

Add on some peep-toe boots that you love and your favourite daytime handbag and eat lunch being as sparkly as you want to be!

Jacket - Dorothy Perkins
Top - New Look
Skirt - Mango
Boots - Primark 
Bag - Miss Selfridge

x x x 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

T2 Tea - Scots Breakfast

Pop the kettle on and get yourself a cuppa - this is one for all you tea lovers out there.

If you love a good ol' cup of tea, but you've never been to T2 Tea you need to get yourself there pronto! This place is created for tea-lovers all over the world.

"All we do, all we are, revolves around our love for reimagining and reinventing the humble tea leaf."

Welcome to the world of tea. As soon as you walk through the doors of the T2 shop your hit by all these amazing smells that fill the air. And these delicious smells come from the insane amount tea that lines the walls. The shelves are piled high with bright orange boxes filled with all kinds of flavours of tea, anything and everything you could imagine. With over 200 teas to their name you could, or I know I could, spend hours and hours browsing and tasting all the different concoctions on offer.

Plus if you're a fan of pretty teapots, cups and mugs their beautiful tea-ware is really hard to resist...

We were really there to celebrate the launch of a new brew - Scots Breakfast.

Designed to warm and brighten up a drizzly Glasgow morning the blend combines rich black tea, a big handful oats, a sprinkle of cinnamon and some sweet caramel notes.

It really is just a hug in a mug. I get Tunnocks teacake vibes and wholesome porridge-y goodness. Just warming, comforting tea-bliss. It'll be just perfection on a cold winters morning or a drizzling Sunday afternoon tucked up with a book. We added a drop of honey which made it even more delicious. The perfect cosy brew to warm you up, its just heavenly.

It's not like any tea I've ever tried before. It's tea to suit a mood and a day. You can take your time drinking this tea, it's an indulgent moment and tea to be shared and talked about.

We were also treated to some amazing freshly baked treats from the Big Bear Bakery that had been infused with the tea. The Glasgow bakery is a family-owned business where everything is made by a small team of skilled bakers. They baked us up some tea loaf - which I could've eaten slice after slice of. So good.

I for one am absolutely delighted that the Australian tea company had landed in Glasgow. The enchanting store is like an Aladdin's cave of tea and everywhere you turn there's something to delight you. It's all bright and vibrant colours and makes tea just a touch more exciting!

T2 Tea - thanks so much for having me! I can't wait to go back to stock up my tea cupboard, one of those mugs may also find its way into my shopping basket...

x x x

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Superdrug Loves: Skincare

And last in my Superdrug Loves mini-series we're taking a look at skincare!

There's nothing better than finding a skincare range that perfectly suits your skin and doesn't cost an absolute fortune. My absolute favourite has to be the Superdrug Simply Pure range.

The Superdrug own brand range is one I use every single day in my routine. They've got absolutely everything you could need to keep your skin looking gorgeous. The line has actually been developed for sensitive skin so it's lovely mild and gentle to use every day.  Plus it's super purse-friendly (which you don't often find with amazing skincare!) and you quite often find them on offer. I'm on to a winner I know.

So what products are my skincare go-tos...


This is just the loveliest to use. It's so silky and soft! The serum claims to improve the skin's natural elasticity and give you a more radiant complexion. I really like wearing it under my make-up as it gives you a really nice glow to your skin. It's also really calming with the thin consistency of the serum meaning it's really easy to put on. Hydrating, replenishing and nourishing - could you really ask for anything more?


I tend to use this wash morning and night to clean my face, because it's so gentle and has been developed for sensitive skin it's not a problem to use it twice daily. Essentially it cleanses and refreshes your skin washing away any make-up and grim from the day. The light, fluffy foam doesn't sit heavily on your skin, it feels soothing and calm and definitely not harsh at all. Give your face a quick wash morning and night for clean and soft skin - sorted!


I always use the cleanser just to get rid of the last bits of make-up using a cotton wool pad to smooth it onto your skin. Like the rest of the range it's really gentle, soft and soothing with a conditioning Pro-Vitamon B5 to look after your skin. It's got the loveliest texture and even though it's budget-beauty it feels pretty luxurious. I just use it to get rid of the last bits of make-up and dirt and again it's so gentle to use on your skin every day.

x x x

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Maggie's Culture Crawl

A cultural adventure to help raise some money for charity? I'm in!

Maggie's is a cancer caring charity and they're inviting you to join them on their Culture crawl!

Basically the Culture Crawl is a little adventure through the city, visiting well-known spots along the way and being spoiled with some cultural treats - all whilst raising money for a really worthwhile cause! If you fancy joining them you'll embark on an 8 mile walk through the city at night getting a behind the scenes look at some iconic venues on the way and at each venue you'll be treated to cultural performances - live music, impressive arts and delicious foods.

I'm going to be taking part in the Glasgow crawl and we'll be stopping off at places like: Merchant's House, Glasgow Cathedral, Barras Art and Design Centre, the Hunterian and so many more! I can't wait to see all these places I'm so familiar with in a new light and visit new places in the city that I've just never explored before.

The purpose of the crawl is a little more serious though. The Culture Crawl is one of Maggie's largest events and it raises essential funds to keep their centres running. These amazing places offer practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their friends and family for free.

Maggie's centres look after cancer patients and offer a programme of support to strengthen patients physical and emotional wellbeing. When people visit the centre there's qualified experts on hand to offer advice or the centre can simply serve as a space to take time out and enjoy some calm. They were also designed and built with great care by world-renowned architects to create calm and up-lifting environments.

Taking part in the Culture Crawl is a fantastic way to celebrate all that Glasgow has to offer. Anyone and everyone can get involved and it's a really fun way that you can help to make a difference!

I'll be taking part in the Glasgow Culture Crawl on September 29th (see you there?) but there will also be one in Edinburgh on September 22nd.

x x x

**This is a collaborative post 

Sunday, 30 July 2017

SuperDrug Loves: Make-Up

Next up in my 'Superdrug Loves' series is... make-up!

I have some make-up products that I use every single day, but I also like picking up some treats for myself every now and again. Superdrug is my go to for both my make-up essentials and a little beauty fix. Their make-up aisle is just an Aladdin's cave for all things beauty and you could spend hours picking out an amazing new lipstick colour or finding a new miracle foundation to try!

Superdrug has a really amazing selection of make-up brands - from Rimmel to L'Oreal and Maybelline - there's literally every thing you could have dreamt of.

So whether I'm buying make-up staples or something extra special the Superdrug make-up aisle is my go-to...


I'm a self-confessed lipstick addict. I love all kinds of shades, from nudes to pillar box reds and bright, bright pinks, I'll never say no to a lipstick. This particular one - Number 10 Sunkiss - has been my perfect summer coral shade. It creates kind of a matte look, without drying out your lips and it's also pretty light and easy to wear in the daytime. Bonus points, I've also found that it lasts quite well. I've been wearing it constantly since I got it! It's just the perfect colour when the sun comes out (or when you're just wishing for the sun....)


This is a mascara that I've been wearing for years and years, really for as long as I can remember. Out of all the mascaras I've tried over the years I always come back to this one, it just suits me and I've never found one that I prefer. It really elongates your eyelashes, lengthening them and separating them - just as you want a mascara to do! The fibre formula helps to build intensity and stretches out every single eyelash, with the thinner wand making to easy to apply. L'Oreal has found a fan for life with this mascara and I can't see myself changing anytime soon!


The B. Make-Up Brushes, sold in Superdrug, have been developed and designed by make-up artists. They really are quality brushes that do what they say on the tin. The bristles are silky-soft fibres made from Taklon a synthetic material. The brush edges are also precision shaped to help you to achieve the desired make-up effect and aim to help you to re-create professional looks. They're just lovely to use and (I know that this might sound silly) but comfortable to hold - which I think makes a difference in a make-up brush. I'll be building up my collection!

x x x

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Swiss Day in the Mountains

I'm continuing my mission to get you to visit Switzerland one Summer!

Happy Swiss Day!

Every year on August 1st the whole of Switzerland celebrates their National Day and the founding of the of Swiss Confederation in 1291. This was when the three cantons, Uni, Schwyz and Unterwalden, came together and now all the different areas up and down the country celebrate. The Swiss do have a little bit of a reputation for being slightly reserved, but there's a few days a year when they really let their hair down - and Swiss Day is one of them!

We started our day of celebrations in Grindelwald.

The mountains that surround the alpine town are just amazing. Everywhere you turn the views are simply breathtaking and the majestic slopes of the Alps tower over you with a powerful presence. And they're just as magnificent in the summer as they are covered in snow and ice in the winter - I promise!

We jumped on a gondola and headed up to the top.

When we got there we decided to do the slightly terrifying looking Cliff Walk.

This is not one for you if you have a fear of heights. The First Cliff Walk by Tissot hugs the side of the mountain right beside the sheer rocks. The narrow and winding platform twists and turns with the mountain-side and you can get up really close to rock-face, fully immersing yourself in the amazing scenery.

It's a pretty spectacular way to admire the amazing Swiss alpine vista.

Once our legs had stopped shaking we headed for a more relaxing afternoon in Wengen.

The quaint village is transformed into a colourful and patriotic Swiss wonderland. Swiss flags cover every corner of the village with bright bunting standing out in the trees. It's a really relaxed atmosphere as you wander around, but behind the relaxing ambience there's a certain thrill in the air as everyone is feeling excited about the nights festivities.We found a beautiful terrace to relax on and enjoy a glass a glass of wine. The sun was shining, swiss bunting was swaying in the trees and we were surrounded by a beautiful garden with blooming flowers.

We were even treated to an impromptu concert!

A group of locals arrived playing the traditional alphorn. It was amazing to see these ancient instruments being played. They had quite a haunting sound and there was a certain nostalgia to them. They were also really relaxing though as the soft sounds lulled you, transporting you to a bygone world. It was pretty special to hear these instruments being played by the local people in their traditional Swiss outfits. In the past they were used to communicate over the mountains and it was a lovely moment hearing them being played on Swiss Day.

We soon headed back down the mountain on the romantic cog-railway to Lauterbrunnen.

At the end of every Swiss day the skies are filled with fireworks!

Everyone from the village gathers together as darkness falls and someone important in the community will give a speech. Everyone then sings the national anthem - I had to mime this one! A massive bonfire lights up the night as everyone cheers!

Fireworks then explode into the sky, bursting into the darkness with stunning colours.  They sound even more impressive as they echo against the cliffs with earth-shattering cracks and booms. It's a real party atmosphere and it felt like a privilege to be involved in the celebrations.

Have I convinced you to head to Switzerland - if so definitely try and tie it in with the Swiss Day celebrations!

x x x

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Superdrug Loves: Tanning

We all love a good Superdrug haul don't we and I've got some essentials that all always pick up when browsing the aisles.

I could spend forever in Superdrug browsing all the different beauty products until I found a gem, or two, or three, to try out. But I do constantly find myself running in on my lunch break to pick up some bits and bobs that are always found in my beauty stash, so I thought I'd share with you my 'Superdrug Loves'! I'll be doing this as a mini series and first up.... summer tanning!

Superdrug sponsors Love Island, admit it you spend every couple of minutes in a panic at the thought of it ending. You may just have noticed as they frolic about in their bikinis that they're all sporting a cracking tans and that there's various Superdrug bottles lying around.

Well these are my tan essentials!


I pretty much use this tinted moisturiser all year round and pop a layer on most nights after a shower. It just gives your skin a nice glow every day and makes you feel just a bit more summery inside with its very natural and sun-kissed look. I'm also obsessed with moisturising, morning, noon and night, and this cream is really a moisturiser first and foremost with just a hint of tanning ingredient. It's enriched with extract of apricot to leave your skin soft, keep your skin hydrated with a touch of colour - perfection!


Jetting off to sunnier climes - then don't forget to pop into Superdrug as they do a really great range of sun protection. It' ticks all the boxes; advanced UVA/UVB protection, water resistance, as well as 8 hour hydration with antioxidant Vitamin E and Aquarich. It's also a really lovely sun cream as it's lightweight and non-greasy. Most importantly it's dermatologically approved and is perfect for pale Scottish skin (like mine) that may be a little sensitive in the sun. This is an essential to pack away for holidays!


We all need a bit of a helping hand every now and again though don't we! The bronzing lotion is perfect if you need a more immediate tan. It's packed with aloe vera and Vitamin E to moisturise and condition whilst you tan. Best of all it's really easily absorbed and dries really quickly so you're good to go! It definitely wasn't patchy to apply and gave a really smooth finish, allowing you to build up the colour until you're happy. And my pale legs definitely need it! Plus once you're done you can just wash it off.

Next up makeup!

x x x